We know we learn life all at once, even if it seems like one step after another.

The Tarot is about life and living - and ideally making it better and fuller.

So learn the Tarot the Life way.

A slightly expanded transcript of what I say in the video

Is the Course good?

I think it is, but I may be baised so let me mention the 1200+ subscribers to the videos I posted on YouTube.

I think this number, and the 202,00+ views of the videos show that my approach to learning to read cards has something going for it that people like enough to keep watching, and coming back for more.

Is it for you?

The problem with starting at the beginning is that there is no beginning. There is only right now.

It is if you like to begin everywhere at the same time and want to know it all. It's also for those who like the logical approach.

A background story

You might recgnize yourself - especially if you've struggled to read cards - in this background story.

The story begins this way. I was never very good at mathematics at school. Of course I can add and substract and so on, but when it came to equations and sines and cosines and tangents and calculus, it was just too much, even though I wanted to do well.

I had this problem in part because, when learning a lot of subjects, it's linear. There is like a line of knowledge that you travel along, and you need to know the stuff at the beginning before you can do the middle and later material. If you don't really understand the beginning, or if you had to skip a step, you're in trouble. Something is missing and you can't easily fill it in.

On the other hand, I always liked the Tarot because it's all at once. You can start anywhere with any card and keep moving, learning as you go.

This suits me because when it comes to learning something, I don't want to have to study basic, then intermediate and then advanced. I just want to know everything right now, and all at once. I don't think this is unreasonable or asking too much.

I took piano lessons at various ages, but I couldn't get into it because I just wanted to play songs or tunes, and didn't want to have to do scales and other exercises, even though I knew it made sense. I just wanted to play the piano.

It's the same with learning the Tarot

We want to read cards well enough that we can uncover their secrets, or see the hidden facts of the mattter if you're answering a question. It's really quite exciting, but the artificial teaching where you learn meanings or some system that is supposed to free your mind so you can talk - you still freeze up, or say things that you know aren't much good.

The Tarot, however, is like life. You are in life, and learning in different areas as the same time and at different rates. The Tarot is like this and you will learn if you take an all-at--once approach.

Human beings - all of us - really are to be wondered at.

We learn to speak our native language

We learn, somehow, to speak languages that are complex, and we do it from nothing, but we don't need to know one language before we can learn another. You may have an English mother and a Polish father so you learn to speak two languages at the same time. Or your parents could be French and Italian, but you live in England so you are tri-lingual and speak English with your friends.

If we apply this human ability to learning the Tarot, then you don't need to know The Magician before you can understand Temperance or The Tower. Nor do you need to understand the 2 of Cups before you can understand the 8 of the same suit.

So the common method of starting with the Major trumps and going through them in numerical order is all very well, but artificial.

Instead, you learn everything at the same time, though some of it is easier or comes quicker than other parts.

A tv advertisement

There is an advertisement for diapers (called 'nappies' in the UK) on tv at the moment - it's May 2012 - and it shows children of maybe a year or eighteen months climbing onto chairs.

With this baby activity it's not like you need to learn to stand upright before you can learn to walk; and you need to learn to walk before you can run; and learn to run before you can climb. It's not linear. Children do all these different activities at the same time and get better at them all as they practice. We all did this, so we know about what can happen when you just jump in and learn to get through. We make it, but it's easy to forget how we used to be.

So the advert shows children climbing onto chairs and they are estimating distance and figuring out a route to get to the place they know they can reach. They're testing their strength and grabbing hold of bits of the chair. They use both hands and both feet, and courage and imagaination, and develop muscle by lifting their weight. They end up standing on the seat and holding the back of the chair. It really is a moment of triumph.

Just start somewhere and keep going

This is also how you learn to read the Tarot - all at once. Trust yourself and your decision. You are working with all the cards at the same time, though probably focusing on only one or two at any particular moment, playing with them, changing from upright to reversed and back again, and imagining them in a spread.

Some will seem easier to make sense of right away, or you can feel more comfortable with some rather than others. This is normal, so if you find one or two cards are hard to understand, don't make a big deal out of it and turn a minor holdup into a major obstacle. Just keep going and you'll get there.

All knowledge is already within you

You'll also find that if you ask yourself questions about a card and then pay attention to what you notice in the world or what your thoughts are, you will be able to answer your own questions.

This is very exciting as you realize you really are making progress, and you have more confidence about your future possibilities with the Tarot.

It is important to remember that you didn't look outside yourself to Tarot books where you find all "the answers", or give your abilities over to experts. The understanding developed from within you, so you always have it with you and it's always available. You don't have to wake someone at two o'clock in the morning if you want to clear something up about a card. If you're awake at two in the morning, so is your Tarot knowledge - right there with you.

There is only right now

So with all this in mind, in the Course I don't try to start you at the beginning because there is no beginning. There is only right now.

You pick a card that you want to know more about, or one that puzzles you, and you start right there. Take a look at the link on "Improving your ability" and get some tips on learning from the videos. Maybe you come back to the same card for several days in a row; or perhaps you don't even think about it again for a couple of months. It's you teaching yourself at you own speed and in the way that is exactly right for you. This is very liberating.

Videos on all the cards and more

You get videos on all the cards, as well as exercises on how to get to know them better and make sense of them in answers to various questions, upright and revesed.

There are links to the various sections at the top-right of the screen, so you can read about how to use the videos to develop your expertise, or find out about the contents of the dvds, or to buy now if you are ready.

As always, let me know if you have questions or comments. The e-mail address is bllntr@yahoo.com, or send me a phone number and I'll give you a call.